Bailey Tice Breen aka “The Doober” (April 10, 1999-June 16, 2012)

Bailey died today after a short illness. Born in Pensacola, she lived in Colorado Springs before settling permanently in New Orleans. She was well traveled in that time visiting 35 states. She is often credited with being the inspiration behind the Joint BBQ. She was alternately described as shrewd or conniving, depending on whether one believes she created the restaurant to provide direction in her owners otherwise rudderless lives or if her motivation was exclusively selfish consumption of barbecued meats. Bailey went on to produce several Public Service Announcements reminding dog owners to give their dogs extra treats, walks, and affection particularly during the busy Carnival and Jazz Fest seasons in New Orleans when family pets are frequently neglected. Fond of profanity, quick with a lick, Bailey lived a good life and had a lot of friends. She will be missed.

*As much as we love our dogs, the Health Dept. does not allow them in the restaurant. Please leave your wonderful pets at home.

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